Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Today is Adam's 30th birthday and I wanted to create this blog as a surprise for him. This post in particular is a tribute to what a great husband, father, and person he is. He is our hero, our protector, our rescuer, our builder, our painter, our doctor, our teacher, and our fun-maker. He is the greatest dad. Whether he is teaching Corbin to ride a bike, reading books to Hayden, wrestling with the boys, or making Mommy smile after a long day at home, he is the best. Adam, we love you very much. Happy Birthday!

Our Happy Baby

Ethan is the baby of the family. He turned one years old in August, but thinks he is as big as his older brothers. His favorite activities are climbing the outside of the steps by holding onto the railing, standing on the countertops, running from Mommy when it is time to change his diaper, roaring like a lion, and wrestling with Daddy. He loves his Daddy and is so happy when Daddy gets home from work. Ethan is such a joy to have in our family!

Our Hayden

Hayden is our three year old who loves being a helper. His favorite things are juice and chocolate milk which we have to give to him in small quantities or else he would live off of liquids alone. This past summer Hayden burned his arm on a grill at the park. He was such a brave boy as mom and Dr. Dad took care of his wound and bandages for a couple weeks.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mr. Explorer Guy vs. the Red Power Ranger

Corbin, our 6 year old, is one spunky kid. He loves dressing up in any type of costume, whether it is Power Rangers, Spiderman, or my personal favorite, Mr. Explorer Guy (although he kind of looks more like a rock star than an explorer looking for rocks).

My Boys: Triple the Trouble

I am now officially a blogger (I never thought this day would come), but with a little coaching from my good friend Sandy, I now have a space where I can share the story of our lives with you. With three small boys, there is never a dull moment in the Smith house. I hope you will enjoy our crazy, happy, busy days!